Your involvement in Bathurst200 is vital: your partnership will help us bring Bathurst200 celebrations to life.

On 7 May 2015 Bathurst will celebrate 200 years since Governor Lachlan Macquarie raised the Union Jack on a Flagg Staff on the banks of Macquarie River and proclaimed Bathurst a township.

This milestone presents an exciting opportunity to celebrate the origins and evolution of our community: to shine a light on Bathurst, its past, present and future and bring the celebrations program of Bathurst200 to life.

A number of Bathurst200 celebration initiatives have been developed by the Bathurst 2015 Bicentenary Celebrations Committee and Bathurst Regional Council, with the aim of engaging all members of the Bathurst community and reaching beyond this, to draw visitors to stay in the region and join the festivities.

The planned key initiatives celebrate Bathurst's contributions across a range of fields and interests, including: sport & recreation, education, music, the Arts, agriculture, industry, tourism and more. These activities celebrate and promote our community's diversity, resourcefulness and progress.

Throughout 2015, these key Bathurst200 activities bring with them the opportunity for you to demonstrate your business' appreciation for the significance of the bicentenary of Bathurst.

Partner with Bathurst200 and take the once-in-lifetime opportunity to shout out your commitment to and involvement in the community of Bathurst

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